FaceTime App: How to make audio and video calls

Almost all the iOS users are familiar with the term ‘FaceTime’ because most of them use FaceTime to make audio and video calls. When you call someone using FaceTime, it uses the Wi-Fi or your cellular data and saves your talk time and money. You can use FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Most of the new iOS users and some existing users don’t know the procedure of using FaceTime. All I can ensure you is, once you will read this article all your problems related to Facebook will be over and you can make audio and video calls anytime you want using FaceTime.

How to make audio and video calls using FaceTime?

To call someone using FaceTime you will be needed a stable internet connection or a strong Wi-Fi connection. If you are using Wi-Fi connection, then you call someone from your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini all models and iPod new generation. If you are using your cellular data, then you can use the features of FaceTime on iPhone 4 and later and on iPad 3rd generation or later. You can make calls using FaceTime by following these steps.

  • First, you need to open the FaceTime app and log in there with using the Apple ID you have. You can do it in a different way too, you need to go to setting choose FaceTime and Login.
  • People who are using iPhone, FaceTime app automatically recognize and register the phone number. If you want to register your email ID on your device, then go to settings, select FaceTime, use the Apple ID you have and log in.
  • People who want to access FaceTime from their iPad or iPod, they need to register their email ID, and they can do it by going to settings, selecting FaceTime and sign in there by using the Apple ID.
  • It is very necessary to get the registered phone number or the email ID of the person whom you want to call. Unless you have it, you can’t make a call. After opening the app, you will see a place where you can put the phone number or the email ID of the person whom you want to call. Put the details there.
  • After entering the details, you will see the audio and video calling option. Choose the type of call you prefer.
  • If the contact details are saved in your phone, you can enter the name directly and can make the call.
  • The best thing is even if you are in a phone call; you can start a video or audio call using FaceTime. If your iOS version is 8 or later, you can enjoy the call waiting facility. When another call is on wait, you can end the current call and accept the new call, decline the incoming call or answer the call by putting the other call on hold.

People prefer calling from FaceTime because it provides a crystal clear quality of voice. Since this product is developed by Apple, so in case you find some difficulty or problem using the app, you can take online help too.

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